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Me lo.
Aiyah. There are only so many head and deputy head or clinic director positions and each appointment is 5 years.
Go up hq director position even lesser.
10 years ago no one want to do and ops was hardiship posting. Pple come to get experience before go private. Now it's life style posting got 4 pple apply for 1 position, albeit a lot is applying as reserve.
it's the largest residency cohort, cant be everyone rise and not everyone want to rise. And of cse got cannot make it pple like me, tick all requirement to rise but exams cannot pass and decide to call it a day.

If they don't allow u to farm..then how? If only high flyer stay on, all ops will get getting are the lazy rp, fp manning the show downstairs.

To that guy that quote some salary...go ask Ur senior somemore la.
The salary not as simple as 8.6 plus 1.25. many things make up ur annual.

Also..u siibei jialat. Can u understand the word jump or not. It means a large increase. JUMP.
The largest jump u will see is resident turn fp. After that got annual increament and rank increment only. There's only 3 rank after fp. Ac is gauranted unless u screw up. C u have to fight and pass fellowship. SC is when u are someone godson/daughter.
Each rank give u 800 to 1k more. Increament u can't be zai and year after year get exceptional one.
Meet is 3.x percent, exceed is 4.x, and exceptional is 5-6.x with some small variability peg to inflation.
If u high flyer u will average 5.x percent increment over course of a career while normal chaps 3.x to 4.x. farmer like me 3.x few years liao.
Hence u have no jump in salary after Ur if u work damn hard Ur salary rise slope can be steep but there is no more jump. U might get a bump when u up rank, but that is 12k annually only. Like 5 percent of your annual.
Get it ?

Why cannot 250k?
I got exceed and exceptional for a few years so early salary rise quite decently.
Infact I exceed 250k for a few years because I got a multipler to my service component. If u dunno what I'm talking about..then u not at that level to know...
Now is just meet so no extra

Sigh . Life is as such.

Good for you, hopefully I can get there is I pass my mmed next year.
I must say 250k/year is really good, certainly higher than what some of the ACs are getting in hospital. (Of course they have better progression) And let's not forget mmed as hard as it is, is after all only a registrar lvl qualification (i.e it judged equivalent to mrcp/mrcs etc).

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