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At a local bank? Part of an MA prog or no?

5.5k for 1.5 YOE is very impressive considering entry-level ops will only get you 3-3.5 max unless you're in a grad prog (but still, DBS GA should be paying around 4.5k, so regardless 5.5k is impressive). Mind sharing your pay progression? What did you start of with? Any increment / promo?
Not at a local bank. Just asking in this local bank thread to get opinions from fellow bankers

I started off on a contract role with a local bank when i grad last year. As recent as Jan 2022 I was drawing 2.5k per month on my contract. Had 1 contract extension with this local bank and pay increased

After that moved to an international bank on a contract basis and pay increased again. Extended my contract with this international bank and renego for a pay raise again

so in a space of 12 months from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022 my pay increased from 2.5k to 5.5k. Not glamorous doing contract job for so long but the whole point was just to work hard and be able to renego and push up my basic pay as much as possible first

when i get converted to full time or find a full time role at another bank next year im hoping for another round of increment. Hopefully can break 6k mark. Finger crossed.
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