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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Ac. Stuck there a few years liao
I failed fellowship once ..traumatize so never go take exit exam again so cannot promote
Ok la, AC and con is 1k salary difference. No different to my life but turn con arrow a lot.
Now farming mode as ac. I siam arrow pple also dun come bother me. Tio arrow do bare minimum.
Work 8 to 5 minimum to meet requirement
4 years earn 1 million. Avarage about 50 percent saved.
I hope to semi retire in 10 off some dividend. Maybe bully my head to give me part time.

Rp 250k?
This forum really full of corksters anyhow
400k? That's CEO salary liao.
Once u the salary don't jump anymore.
Ac one increment, c one increament. SC u wait long long.

I see that more and more people doing fellowship nowadays (they even have to reject some applicants). Can I ask is there still a place/role for a mmed farmer/quiet quitter in ops in the long term? (I e just do bare minimum from 8-5 and Siam all the arrows)

Somehow I feel that ops is like a small pond with many big fishes and ambitious people..
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