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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
what's the fail rate for main papers and supp papers? what happens if you still fail the supp paper?
which modules have higher fail rates?
which modules have lower fail rates?
is there moderation?
for modules with mcq, what's the best way to approach it since there's no practice questions provided? eg. ethics, where the mcq choices are very close and its hard to choose the "correct" answer
if you fail several modules, what options are available?
Product of the sg education embodied in text. Iíve never understood why knowing the passing rate is important and never will. It will only add to your already existing anxiety regardless of the number.

There isnít a model answer that you might be expecting and in my opinion the sooner you ditch that mindset the better. Youíll be in for a rude awakening otherwise. Just have at it knowing youíve done your LLB and are trained well to tackle the bar. Sure there may be external factors that you cannot control, like trick questions as Iíve seen from the previous post, but youíll be able to let those go and still pass. Donít get caught up with these tricks and do your best.
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