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hey man,

i just applied through their site, its the TDP program and i got in july 2022.

first few weeks some online learning crap on java, need on webcam but they don't give a crap lol most of the people i met there are freshies, 0 experience in tech, some not even cs background so don't worry, experiences don't matter.

also just an FYI, i didnt put my AI experiences in my resume or that i was working at my first job there because every job requires you to send them a letter of resignation from old company.

i graduated in 2021, got my AI tech job, work almost a year then i applied for UOB tech program and when they interviewed me i just BS and said "oh i wanted to take a vacation after graduation as i wasnt sure how far this COVID situation would entail".

they didn't have a problem with that, as long as you're a fresh grad within 1 year+, they will hire you.
They didn't run background checks on you?
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