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At current salary ranges, a Level Head will max out at just over 10k. An average teacher, assuming he/she does not hit GEO5A but stays at GEO5, will max out a little over 8k. The ceilings are likely to increase in the future; you will experience several service-wide salary adjustments during your career. Whether they will keep proper pace with inflation remains to be seen

The problem is: the salary ceiling takes FOREVER to reach. You will have to stand the test of time in your early years drawing very low salaries compared to your senior colleagues, who may well be doing a lot less work than you. If you can live and climb through this phase and stay long enough to reach the higher salary points, you'll be fine.
More rosy if you consider bonuses (MY, EOY, PB). GEO5 could max out at $10k+ gross (incl. bonuses averaged across 12 months. Not to forget salary revisions at least once a decade.
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