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With the company for over a year plus. Overloaded with maiantance works, too many switching incidents, shortage of manpower, keep threatening one more incident = cut bonus, attend to alarm at night for pathetic $50 (unchanged since 2000s), customer shutdown after 12 midnight with no OT pay. Overall morale is very low. Crazy HOB keep scolding engineers and TOs for no reason. How to work happily if they threaten to cut bonus every now in addition to our extremely low base pay and high work load?

Low base pay for fresh. $4k regardless of honours, no NS bonus. Stat board like PUB, LTA, HTX etc pays high $4ks, or $5k for fresh grads. Keep claiming pay is competitive, but refuse to compare with stat board but compare with low paying companies like OEMs and SMEs. Did half hearted salary review but still way below par. Never considered that our job is specliased, dangerous and hazardous. So many SP engineers quit and join civil service or stat board. HR so many "Directors" but not a single Director dare to say: it because of pay! Don't understand why HR need so many Directors if till today can't figure out why so many are leaving.

HR try to bluff about annual package and bonus, but civil service has mid and year end bonus, so adding together, government pays much more. SP average performer got 3 months bonus and that's it, civil service average performer PB maybe 2.5 months, add 0.5 month of mid year, 2 months of AWS + year end bonus. And remember! SP cuts bonus when there are safety incidents. Do the math.

Pls do not join and regret later on.
thanks alot for sharing with us. and yes I also heard about the 50$ extras just for midnight shift... sounds ridiculous for the risks involved which can cause death, life is at stake.

overall sounds super bad.

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