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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
To a certain extent, these echo the observations here:


Liberalization is the way to go to broaden the sector, create more competitive legal market for both clients and lawyers. Not protectionism.

If the way forward is the absorption or collapse of some unprofitable local firms, even large ones, then so be it.

I predict that at least half of the top 10 largest local firms will either merge with an international, or fold, in the next 5 years. And I mean full financial and partnership merger, not a JLV or FLA arrangement.
I agree and to a certain extent I am hopeful it will address issues young lawyers have with the industry besides salary and fair comp - firm culture. Perhaps these merges may improve the sophistication of SG firms. The public berating, gaslighting and at a more general level how the firm operates internally that may have worked in the past is simply no longer attractive to the younger crowd.
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