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I'm currently a resident, never tried going out to locum before. Can I ask why some people would prefer to be an anchor GP over locum? It seems like locums can earn much more when the work is essentially the same
Anchor can make way more if u ey gan.
When u are a profit generator clinic owner have to profit share with u.
If not u move next day and open your own clinic, he will suck thumb.
Of cse that's if u good.

If u no charisma like me..better stay in polyclinic dutifully earn the 250k a year salary.

Locum is no future.
Good to chiong short period make lots of money
Or if u desire flexibility.
Or u really cannot make it medically and don't want to harm pple.
Once I made enuff and have a nest of money..I will turn locum also.
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