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I'm one of those young GEO3 who works way above their subgrade. And yes I've no life. My skin has suffered too. It's been so bad since I started teaching, lack of sleep, eat whatever that's fast and convenient and not enough water becos I've no time to go toilet. I hold 3 positions, a CCA IC and sitting in 3 committees, with countless schoolwide events and projects. The GEO5s are telling me I'm too hardworking. I want to be like some of them too. They are basically classroom teachers with one small role.

But how can I slow down when my RO told me I need to do more, he is constantly putting me down. Even told me during work review that becos I didn't do as much as I should, I'm ranked at the bottom of my subgrade. I've been getting straight Bs until I changed to this RO. Now I'm a C+ but I still win awards every year though. While I thanked my HOD for these awards, she is also the one who overworked me. Sometimes I feel as though I need to show her that I'm not so reliable/capable, so she won't ask me to lead and spearhead this and that. So as much as I want to slow down and perform at my subgrade, I can't. How do you say no when your boss throws work at you and at the same time, your RO constantly reminds you at work review that you're not doing enough.

It's confusing and frustrating and I've had enough. I'm getting my very first connect plan payout next year and intend to tender my resignation right after. The amount of hours that I worked, weekdays, weekends and public holidays is ridiculous compared to my uni peers in other sectors.
Yea good choice. All the best. Hope u learn to pace urself n learn to say No in ur next job.
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