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What about schools where everyone is pretty much meeting the expectations of their subgrade, and SLs have to fight tooth and nail to give no/minimal C-/D grades? Why does there always seem to be slack that needs to be picked up? Is it really slack, or have we normalised working way above your paygrade that nobody even bats an eyelid that a GEO3 is performing a subset of middle management duties.. and even envies his/her position?
If everyone is meeting the expectations of their sub grade, when SLs fighting tooth and nail to give no/minimal C-/D is just them doing their job, no?

GEO3 who are performing above their sub grade should indeed be rewarded with better performance grades. And as a result will probably get promoted sooner.

As part of the ranking panel, has the panel been fair in giving out performance grades to the GEO5s who are not meeting expectations? I think thatís the more important question.

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