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Originally Posted by haiz2006 View Post
Certis Cisco....HRM Division (Operation Supervisor/Team lead)

anybody noe about this position offer by Cisco??? izzit consider HR-skills?
izzit a good job? no need working experience at all , how can it be??

-Manage a team of up to 200 operation members
- Attend and make decisions relating to the ground operational assignments and manpower deployment matters
- Responsible for logistics, HR planning and on projects
- Handle training / on board programme, perform survey, appraisal, supervisory checks, operation framework and strategic planning for division
-Overall in charge of the operation team to implement and develop process and procedure

-------------Salary Package

Employees will be expecting the following benefits during the employment
Base Salary from $2700 to $3300.00 (Based on qualification)
AWS (1 month of your offered salary)
Transport allowances ($350 monthly)
Working Location: East & West area
Imagine 200 people (mostly FTs) who are in shitty jobs and you have to manage them (more like being their nanny). Definitely a shitty job.
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