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Not new to ranking exercise, but this year coupled with my midlife crisis it hit me really hard. Almost everybody below geo5 was working WAY above their pay grade. We had geo3 internally appointed SHs and AYHs, all jostling for As and Bs. Their work life balance is nonexistent and they are always being chased out by the OSO at 7pm. We have a geo4 HOD holding double portfolio because another HOD ragequit. We have young GEO5 (33yo) straddling 4 committees and 48 periods per week.

What is going on with our system? Why is it a requirement to work two or three grades above your subgrade and why are people being labelled poor team players with bad organisational awareness and being accused of "quiet quitting" if they just do their jobs and nothing more?
Because not everyone is working equally hard. So those who are willing are picking up the slack for those who arenít.
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