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Hi, I am currently working in Stat board A with PB in end May and MI in Jul every year. I recently got an offer from stat board B with two to join under movement policy where I will be given the same current monthly salary + prorated MI and my PB forgone (estimated 2 months plus pb) in Stat Board A will be paid out one year after my appointment with stat board b. My years in service (currently 14years) will be retained. However stat board A can hold me for 3 months before release (which i know the work effort in stat board A during the 3 months will probably not be recognised since i am leaving them but am still required to slough and put in long hard hours of work).

The other option would be to join as fresh hire where i am offered $400 more for the monthly salary. But i will forgo my years of service and pb from stat bd A. Stat bd A will not be able to hold me back and will need to release me within one month from notice.

Would appreciate anyone who has exp with similar scenario to share your view on which option is a better choice.
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