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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Currently being paid $2k to do my TC in a small-mid size firm. Workload is pretty intense, am billing around $8-12k monthly for the firm. Not sure if Iím being lowballed or if $2k is a normal TC rate for small/mid size firms?

Would it be possible to negotiate for a higher allowance (I still have a few more months left in my TC)? Also, curious to know if TC rates are much higher at the bigger firms?
I second what the above poster has advised. The issue is not your low TC allowance (it isn't that far off from the big local firms anyway), it's your medium to long term career trajectory in a small-mid size firm.

As many posters here have pointed out, it's a real slog with little good exit ops working in a smaller (local) law firm. The cost-benefit ratio isn't worth it. Big firms are their own slog but the exit options (in the form of getting high profile deals or cases on your resume) and to some extent the pay, makes it more worthwhile.

Small firms will work you like a bone, pay you peanuts, and make you feel grateful just because they "deign" to give you a job. Don't fall for this kind of boomer toxic gaslighting.

Focus on completing your TC well, burnishing your CV and moving to a better firm. (Unless of course there are unique factors about your small firm that make it a good value proposition to stay although it doesn't really sound like it from your post).

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