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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Currently being paid $2k to do my TC in a small-mid size firm. Workload is pretty intense, am billing around $8-12k monthly for the firm. Not sure if Iím being lowballed or if $2k is a normal TC rate for small/mid size firms?

Would it be possible to negotiate for a higher allowance (I still have a few more months left in my TC)? Also, curious to know if TC rates are much higher at the bigger firms?
Sorry 2 points: 1) 2k as trainee is as trite as contract law first thing test you is offer and acceptance. My partner with 20 years in the industry told me that his pupilage pay is 2k as well. Make of it what you will but dontít think youíre short changed with the market rate.

2) 8-12k billed isnít even close to what b4 trainees are billing out to clients. The trainee in my team shared that his billable hit the 60k range during lul period.

You want to nego for more pay during TC is your prerogative. But I donít think your 8-12k billable will convince your partner to bump you up a grade.
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