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Default Leaving my job

Hi all,

2PQE corp assoc here in a small-mid size practice. Salary wise grossly underpaid and I think Iím probably doubtful about the future direction of the firm.

While Iíve had good guidance from 1-2 partners, Iíve not quite liked the senior partners Iíve had to work with. Theyíre the needy sort and barely know what theyíre doing. I have started to dread going into office.

My salary is chinatown rate (but this is not a chinatown firm)

Looking to leave my current firm sometime in March/April/May 2023 or completely not renew PC and move out of practice.

1. What is the salary scale for going into in-House. Hoping to move to the Banks if such opening arises.

2. My notice is 2 months. Would it be reasonable to give a slightly later start date, as I plan to go holiday after quitting my job.

3. Before signing on my with present firm (this is not my first move), I had been called up for an interview with Big 4. However I had already signed my contract with my current firm and informed Big 4ís HR I could no longer proceed with the application. It would be about a year or so, come 2023. Would I be blacklisted? At that point I never believed I would secure an interview with B4. By the time I signed the contract the interview invite came. I am an FCH from a not prestigious foreign uni. I have no strings to pull, and well pretty much spent my life in small to medium size firms.

4. Is it acceptable to ask about hybrid working arrangements at the interview? Been pretty much in everyday now.

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