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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Amazed at this miserable kid. Just one grammatical error from this sentence you cry until no tomorrow. Just let that lad be la, he is just merely checking out something.

Sounds like your pathetic life really miserable and upset to the extend you have to pinpoint the slightest mistake, definitely earning peanuts in your 9-6 job LOL.

eh u wan tok english? I SIM grad, e8 for singlish and now probably earning more than you + your papa and mama after working 3yrs in. Pui

English is not everything my miserable friend, ask your mama to wake your donkey brain and look at the real world.
How tf do you get baited so hard by some loser who can't even type proper English himself?

What the f**k?

Why would you ever entertain some loser who calls someone out on English when that person him/herself can't even type proper English LOL.
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