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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is Elon Musk destroying Twitter? Not at all when compared to here.

LCH is really a legend, single-handedly pull down the entire IMDA and forced more than half the workforce to quit.
Actually whether Elon Musk is destroying Twitter remains to be seen. Cutting such a large portion of the working force and Twitter still functioning means there was too much dead weight. The content regulation part is a bit iffy, but we have to see if he manages to get it right in the end.

As for LCH, I think he has right intentions but execution could have been better. Many ministries and agencies are stuck with their way of doing things for too long and sometimes its good to have a change. Many people in public sector simply don't want change, because that's why they joined the public sector, for the iron rice bowl that doesn't exist anymore.
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