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Please please avoid this dept (so many people quit that dept after a few weeks or 2-3 months!), and IMDA in general at all costs... don't even go near with a stick as a few glassdoor reviews said. the culture is super toxic.

super long hours of OT because the bosses don't know what their bosses want, so you end up spending many after office hours and weekends redoing work over and over again.

It feels so meaningless and sucks the life right out of you. I've witnessed all my favourite colleagues quit one by one. Eventually I left too. Seeing over 50% of the staff leave in less than a year is so demoralizing. (We watched the member count of the whatsapp group for a particular working group in IMDA dwindle by >50% from Jan-Jun 2022... from 120+ to 50+... that's how we knew how many people have left. IMDA never makes a public announcement when someone quits/leaves because WAY too many people leave, and they want to keep it on the down low.) Even some of the new assistant directors have resigned after less than a year.

Most of the staff who remain there are the type who are ok with doing meaningless work just to please the bosses... at the expense of their own health and mental well being. Sure the salary was pretty high, but totally not worth the trade off in well being in my opinion.
To be fair, I think it largely depends on the division. The directors are able to dictate the culture and working habits of their own division to a certain extent, so if people find the culture toxic, it is likely that the director is not doing enough to shield their staff from the **** coming from above. There are more than 30 divisions in IMDA and the scope of work varies widely from industry development to regulation, so I'd say different people probably experienced different working environments. Staff survey has also shown that the working experience can be very different in different groups. As for the glassdoor reviews, I would say that only people frustrated will leave reviews, people satisfied or happy will not go on glassdoor to leave reviews. I am not from HR.
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