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The issue is, by being stuck inside, your year to year increment will never catchup to people who hop (15-20%) every couple years. Opportunity to learn new thing and up ranks also will be lost. This will have huge snowball effect and you will fall behind your peers. Of course this is only referring to the not 'chosen one'. Salary is pathetic. Annual leave 24 days after 10 years is a joke... Other MNC can already get 24 days after 4 years of work. The 20s to 60s ure referring to is belong to those boomer generation who don't really care about achieving higher earning power. If you're comfortable and don't want to progress in career and enjoy being in retirement village, that's fair.
Which are the companies that would offer 24 days of leave after 4 years of work? Please name a few of the MNC, we would like to know. Thanks.
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