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Generally speaking, training is the second lowest paid HR after administration. The good thing is mid career people who have 8 - 10 years of training experience are sometimes able to transfer internally to talent development which has better prospects. This route tends to be slower than if you specialize in talent earlier, but at least you are not constrained just to training which honestly is quite dead end.

In terms of payscale for training is quite standard. If you are a deg grad, you start off the first 3 4 years on executive/associate level. This normally means doing the admin work, signing up courses, arranging trainers, co-coordinating logistics, maintaining skill inventory database etc

Most start to get promoted to AM or manager with about 5/6 yrs exp (pay should be 4 - 4.5k). From what I see still not much difference in job scope, maybe you get to run some simple junior level training like safety, teamwork, company culture etc. Other technical courses the training manager need to source & negotiate for consultants or corporate trainer.

This is the default ending point of the training career. Most training managers will max out their career & pay about 10 years into work at 5 6k then coast along with general wage increment after that.

Beyond that those who still want to climb the corporate ladder will need to branch out either to partnering or talent development. In certain top MNCs, some trainers might get to join internal company schools and yet forge another career, but this is rare as opportunities are usually given to talent development or external well-known corporate exec trainers.

Another thing if you join training, you must be prepared to work after office hr and during weekends as many internal trainings are held on Saturdays or weekday early morning requiring you to go venue scouting or sort out logistics the night before.

As for whether jap MNC or government better, both sides got pros & cons.

Government pay increase will be better, more stable and you get to learn in detail all the processes. HR processes are very standard across ministries & stat boards. Knowledge of the processes allows you to switch within public sector easily so job secruity will be very high. Cons is this will be a generalist admin role, so you will likely retire Assistant Director level (~7k currently)

Jap MNC are famous for slow salary increments & little differentiation for individual performance, so in terms of pay progression might be slower than even normal training careers in other MNC. The good thing is since the job is part of a regional training centre, exposure to different countries, training programs could increase your chance to move into other HR fields once you hit the default training ceiling.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all!

I am a fresh grad with a bachelor in business admin (management and marketing) from a local uni trying to secure a job in the HR sector but I've been quite unsuccessful till date as most of the entry level HR jobs are usually HR admin/ generalist openings that require people with at least 2 years of prior experience. Honestly speaking, I am quite unsure on the HR path that I want to embark on, having no working experience in HR, only studied it in uni but became interested. I would just like to ask about your opinions on the best entry level hr positions that one can take that would allow a good career progression?

I have been following this thread from the beginning and much is all talk about the how the prospects of C&B/ Talent Mgmt / Headhunting / HR BP are much better than those of Training and Development/ HR Generalist.

I would just like to ask if there are any HR Training professionals here who would like to share about their job progression and salary scale?

I have an upcoming career opportunity as a Training Executive for a regional training centre for a Jap MNC. Having had a short discussion with the hiring manager about the job scope, it sure seems interesting and full of opportunities to learn a lot and eventually become a trainer. However, i am quite concerned that Training professionals earn much lesser as compared to their higher earning HR peers from headhunting/ talent mgmt. With regards to this, can I ask..what are the potential career progression opportunities for a training exec?

Comparing this to 2 other opportunities as a HR generalist/executive in the govt sector, which is a better choice? (turned to govt sector due to desperation as the private sectors are not hiring much entry positions currently, haha) In a dilemma as to which to choose as govt job sure pays much better w work life balance but in terms of career progression & red tape...

Thanks in advance for the advice and help!

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