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Even with 0 YOE, they should not be lowballing you that much. I know of an AML KYC dude with no work experience and jobless for 6 months after graduating yet still drawing 6k/month.

Fresh grads at GS are getting 6 to 6.5k so I definitely think you should nego or turn down the offer if they are unwilling to increase pay. With that being said, GS is on a hiring freeze, so not sure why is this position open and the lowball offer might be a result of budget constraint.
Is it really the case that they are having a hiring freeze? I still see a lot of openings on their website. During the phone screening, the HR mentioned this is urgent hire (although my friends say everytime is urgent hire due to high turnover) and during the interview, the manager mentioned that there are quite a few roles (around 4 to 5) that he is looking to fill and hence, asked me which I prefer and which is my interest so that he can potentially place me in the one that best fit me along with my interest. Yes, I am hoping to get 6k so going to negotiate. With that being said, I don't have any other offers to negotiate with. Only have one that is nearing 4k but not even 4k and I already graduated.
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