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Hi all!

I am a fresh grad with a bachelor in business admin (management and marketing) from a local uni trying to secure a job in the HR sector but I've been quite unsuccessful till date as most of the entry level HR jobs are usually HR admin/ generalist openings that require people with at least 2 years of prior experience. Honestly speaking, I am quite unsure on the HR path that I want to embark on, having no working experience in HR, only studied it in uni but became interested. I would just like to ask about your opinions on the best entry level hr positions that one can take that would allow a good career progression?

I have been following this thread from the beginning and much is all talk about the how the prospects of C&B/ Talent Mgmt / Headhunting / HR BP are much better than those of Training and Development/ HR Generalist.

I would just like to ask if there are any HR Training professionals here who would like to share about their job progression and salary scale?

I have an upcoming career opportunity as a Training Executive for a regional training centre for a Jap MNC. Having had a short discussion with the hiring manager about the job scope, it sure seems interesting and full of opportunities to learn a lot and eventually become a trainer. However, i am quite concerned that Training professionals earn much lesser as compared to their higher earning HR peers from headhunting/ talent mgmt. With regards to this, can I ask..what are the potential career progression opportunities for a training exec?

Comparing this to 2 other opportunities as a HR generalist/executive in the govt sector, which is a better choice? (turned to govt sector due to desperation as the private sectors are not hiring much entry positions currently, haha) In a dilemma as to which to choose as govt job sure pays much better w work life balance but in terms of career progression & red tape...

Thanks in advance for the advice and help!

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