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Left my 7k/mth job at 28 to pursue private tuition. I was in STEM.

I teach primary , secondary , JC math/physics/chemistry in huge groups. ( I have over 200 students at the moment...) Free rental room from a friend staying in landed. (other than treating him good dinner)

I teach part time at poly, 2 times a week in the morning since all the kids in school.

Monthly ranging from 35k to 50k after CPF. CPF contribution little for me cos I collect hard cash or paylah/paynow from parents/kids.

Planning to hire some good part time tutors to conduct classes for me. I wrote my own notes, questions I modified from online/assessment books, and set my own papers. Very tiring for me. Every weekend sat/sun just burn like that. Teach from morning 8am to at night 10pm.

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