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After working in IMDA for a couple of months, I am glad I left.

Most of the dynamic divisions mentioned have interesting stuff to work on, but be prepared for no life outside working 24-7 including weekends. This is due to the division directors not knowing what they want. Youíll be working on presentation files, uncommon u had more than 10 iterations before you realized you actually presenting the very first version. Bootlickers can survive well, management loves people who can talk their way through and smoke their way out.

Non-dynamic divisions like HR and Finance, thatís probably where you want to park yourself if you want to be lazy. Personnel from there rarely response immediately, some times take up to 1 week. They never take any initiatives and push any responsibilities back. Seems very political, good for people who love playing work place political game.

For anyone looking for doing real and good job, this is a depressing place to be.

seconding this comment. I've heard of directors scheduling weekly meetings on saturday from around 6-8pm+. One person I knew regularly worked till 3am+ daily and still showed up at 9am for work the next day. If you report this to the wrong people in HR, your identity could get revealed to your boss. Somehow this is ok in IMDA. Blows my mind.

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