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Originally Posted by hobblewobble View Post
Thanks for replying. Yes, I was shocked when I heard her say 3.1-3.3k. She made it sound as though 15-16th month bonus is a guarantee, hence 3.3k x 15 months would meet my salary expectations of 4k x 12 months.

But likeÖ isnít it called a BONUS for a reason? I donít mind her calculating my base pay by taking into consideration the 13th month AWS, but trying to calculate my base pay based on an assumed 15 month bonus (which are variables) sounds ridiculous to meÖ

Iím not sure if sheís just new or something because she asked me if Highest Distinction (NUSís new term for FCH) is a second upper. Lol.

I asked if me having FCH means Iíll get a higher pay compared to my peers and she said no, itís based on how relevant my degree is. But my degree is literally the exact degree asked for in the job description..?? Weird. She then asked me to alert her if any other company gives me an offer so that they can expedite their process soÖ hopefully this means I can still negotatie for higher pay :/

Anyways, I donít think Iíll accept anything lower than 3.6k for monthly base pay, especially since they said long working hours are a given in this job :/

i wish you had better real information from real public servants to make a sound decision. You may regret this 10 years later

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