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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The fact that this ST "ranking" doesn't include WongP in the top 5, and ranks CNP within a hairs' breath of A&G, makes it inherently incredible. What a joke.

Small firms like 1 or 2 of those ambulance chasing firms listed can milk their ST Best Law Firms ranking and splatter this logo all over their websites (or what passes off as their webpage) for all its worth for their Chinatown slip-and-fall clients

Any big firms that are shameless enough to place this accolade alongside reputable ones like IFLR, instantly minus points.
Reading the main article carefully, one can see that WongP got 13 categories, just one less than A&G and CNP, which probably went all out to get votes. Surely WongP didnít even try, or else they would have done better. But they would rather expend energy on more worthy directories like IFLR as you have rightly pointed out. That WongP is one of the Big Five is surely not debatable.

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