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Yup understand that network is key to be placed on consulting projects. The point is, even if your networking is on point, not all consulting analysts get to be placed there because projects like that are not common in the first place.

Hmm you're saying that the progression for consulting is faster beyond L9 because of the smaller pool of talents? LOL.

It takes longer to prepare for the next level (CL9-7). Idk where you get the idea that it's easier to weed through the competition and get that promotion..
LMAO first time hearing tech promotions are fast. The reason why the whole TAP even started was to reduce the number of tech analysts who leave after staying stuck as analyst for 2-3 years. Your inference skills are making us doubt if you’re really from S&C huh, no sentence implied weeding through the competition LMAO. Don’t know how you think one can promote fast if your pool of candidates are around 3-5 times larger? Just look at the number of tech people holding their positions for a much longer time. There are of course a number who over excel but are you going to use those to show that tech get to promote faster? Yes if you have the skills and what it takes for promotion you can get promoted faster as compared to under the tech track. If you don’t have what it takes then whichever DTE you’re under you’ll stay stuck. If you’re under consulting right now and unhappy, jolly well change to tech or whichever track you like. Wonder why you still stay stuck here since you’ve shared how much tech is better… FYI it’s easier to switch from consulting to tech than the other way, so if tech is where you prefer to be, end of the year would be an easier time for you to switch. At the end of the day, everyone’s experience or take is different, do what you feel best for yourself.
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