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If youíre from consulting you should know the fact why thereís more change roles because every implementation/tech project needs change component LOL. You donít see much of consulting projects because they usually donít put it up for application, such projects pull in people from their networks. Tech projects to be specific only H&PS projects have more budget but that doesnít translate into better promotion for its people. I have been in H&PS projects before and many analysts under TAP who hit the one year mark by mid May arenít put up for promotion despite the one + two. Many had to past the one year mark to only get a chance in end dec. Take for example this end year promotion, all of the one year mark analysts in the change pod are promoted and those snr analyst either hit their 2 year mark or even less than 2 year mark were promoted to consultant. Iím not from the change pod but I know this as my counselee is in the pod. Yes, tech people may not be happy with this, but this is just what reality is. Those consulting people in the change pod are a guaranteed transition into S&C T&O which is the same as our past consulting program for consulting hires. In fact, if youíre looking at L9 onwards, consulting hires have a faster progression as compared to its tech counterparts. There are an abundance of tech people, Accenture mass hires them (just look at the ratio of consulting hires and business&integration offers in TAP monthly), how do you fight for your promotion when thereís so many others to be promoted? To sum it up, those who got into consulting either wants to do consulting have the skills and experiences, or they want the prestige and move out afterwards, or they just want a faster progression. Even those who end up going into the tech dte arenít doing real tech work, thatís why they jump out to other tech firms which provide better opportunities because as much as how Accenture has a brand to it, many of the ďtechĒ projects are implementationÖ

Yup understand that network is key to be placed on consulting projects. The point is, even if your networking is on point, not all consulting analysts get to be placed there because projects like that are not common in the first place.

Hmm you're saying that the progression for consulting is faster beyond L9 because of the smaller pool of talents? LOL.

It takes longer to prepare for the next level (CL9-7). Idk where you get the idea that it's easier to weed through the competition and get that promotion..
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