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Consulting isnít just changeÖthatís what the tech people donít know. Tech people in system implementation projects think consulting people do change only thatís cos your implementation project need change (change is one out of 5 sub offerings in consulting) so can only base consulting people there. Consulting people also donít want to go to those implementation project not even fun or useful for us, but since thereís that demand there to fill no choice lo. To help you and everyone else understand further, please go and look up the S&C site for the offerings.
Sigh. No one said that consulting is all about change.

If you were to remove change from the equation, consulting folks are mainly doing TOM, research studies and BPR. Iím saying that these projects are not common. Therefore, like what you said, consulting folks are pushed to take up the change workstream in a SI project. But are the other offerings that you were saying common? No. I am in consulting myself and I havenít been doing those consulting projects that youíve mentioned.

Itís not about not knowing whatís available, itís about coming to terms with whatís there in the pipeline and being realistic.
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