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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Promotions are slow unless you are the chosen ones. Lousy career progression.
Unlike in other companies I worked at, this company do not provide cubicles for executive staff! You work at shared workspaces and even your Director do not have their own rooms. They seat literally beside you. It's ridiculous! And they cut bonuses this year. Morale is very low after several electricity incidents and it's very obvious they focus on profits instead of staff benefits.. Sometimes this company feels like an IT company, neglecting it's core business. Those non core business staff like programmers or HR seem to be promoted faster and better paid than engineers. They dominate the promotion list yearly. Instead of hiring more engineering staff to cope, they implemented a manpower freeze to save costs. There are many obvious cost savings measures implemented. Very high turnover rates. Many people are leaving the company or trying to join EMA or somewhere else. Look at their senior management, they have 2 HR heads and still cannot sense the poor morale. I left the company few months back and never regretted. Overall, a **** place to work at. Avoid at all cost.
very well said.. couldn't agree more.
besides, lots of seniors also encouraged to get out before 3-5 years if there's a opportunity. Or else there's high chance you will just get stuck inside forever and if u're not the chosen one then goodluck to you.. Not many employers outside are willing to match your pay package for having such a specialised skillset and also its not so relevant to outside SP. Quite bad actually..

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