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Should go apply for NCS SWE instead, they dont discriminate local U and private U fresh grads. I am getting the same pay as a NUS CS 2nd upper grad even though I barely pass my degree from UOW.
This is true.

ST Engineering, NCS etc are all considered low tier tech companies. The reason why they don't discriminate is because they can't beat the other tech company TCs.

There's no point trying to pay a NUS / NTU CS grad higher than private uni at ST / NCS when other places ( lazada, grab, motional, autodesk, garena, rakuten, visa, paypal, citibank, jp morgan, CS, GS, and many more places, not including shopee and other companies that are on layoff period ) pays them 6-8k starting.

ST / NCS cant afford to pay that range at all.
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