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Cool Public sector to Private back to Public

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another source

Pay grade: MX9 (Superscale)
Job title: Deputy Director, Director
Salary scale: S$11,110 S$15,280 / S$15,280 S$17,370

Pay grade: MX10
Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
Salary scale: S$7,000 S$9,980 / S$9,980 S$11,470

Pay grade: MX11
Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
Salary scale: S$4,740 S$7,115 / S$7,115 S$8,305

Pay grade: MX12
Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
Salary scale: S$2,945 S$5,925

Pay grade: MX13
Job title: Management Executive
Salary scale: up to S$3,000 for fresh graduates

Right now, currently drawing 15,XXX base pay (exclude bonus and equity) outside in Tech in Regional Head of XXX role. 10 years working xp (some in Civil Service, most in Pte)

Can come back into Civil Service as MX9 or must pay my dues at MX10 Deputy Director?
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