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Dear XXX Tan,

We are heartened to announce that you have been admitted to partnership with effect from FY2023. The management is pleased to welcome you to our leadership team, and we celebrate such achievements as well as commitment to the values of our firm. This class of new partners demonstrates our strong commitment to recognising the accomplishments of the most talented individuals in Southeast Asia every year, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Am extremely delighted to receive such a good news after 13 years of working in one of the big 4 firms. Many of my peers who have left big 4 are merely just VP/AVP rank and below in banks. No any other firms that promotes lateral career progression as well as big 4 firms, and I can definitely say that I did not regret leaving big 4.

My advice to fresh grads these days - stick it out in the big 4 and you will be rewarded handsomely. Do not be tempted by instant gratification of firms outside of big 4 (e.g 10-20% pay bump when you jump out). The reason why they pay you a high bump when you jump out is to lure you in so that your subsequent increment will be stuck at 3%, but Big 4 provides you 10% increment and promotion annually as long as you donít screw up

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