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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am in the same situation, failed the recent mmed, planning to try again, just unsure if I should stay on in ops or leave and take as private candidate.

Can I ask are there gps clinics/chain group out there that can offer a similar experience to ops?
I did get some private gp experience (3mth) as part of my residency but most cases seen there are acute, statuary/work permit checks, health screening.
Was wondering if there are other gp groups or smaller clinics with more emphasis on chronic disease care (which is more relevant for mmed)
Ur closest bet will be those that operate family medicine clinics like frontier, Keat houng FMC, Chinatown FMC , NTUC FMC etc.
They not going to pay u well though.
U can't have Ur cake and eat it.
Life is as such.
Anyway private candidate can clear one. is about performance

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