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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Walter Woon gives me the impression of
- a Walt Disney character (as he appears to be a firm believer of legal fictions that practitioners/ lawmakers know aren't exactly real, even in the West that pioneered them e.g. judicial independence. And neither are disney characters real)!,
-an irreverent, idealistic credentialist too wrapped up in the comforts of his own proud little world (as a result of the high office bestowed on him by the then powers in the G),
-a bit of an armchair critic like how academics generally are (they love provoking viewpoints), -but unfortunately, sorely lacking in practicalities or personal touch.

He deserves to get his "independent", "thought-provoking" views steamrolled over and over by the G, for his lack of gumption. He will find that he belongs nowhere except in the clouds.
He is a credentialist because that is actually his coping mechanism. It's his way of telling himself that his elevation into prominence came from his own brilliance rather than any external forces; so the powers should see him as an equal, and plebians should take his words as gospel.

Every cleared eyed person knows that the powers had maketh him, and the powers can destroyth him too. But he himself is in denial. This is why he often likes to use obsfuscating phrases instead of coming to the point - which Oxbridge tutors actually hate. Educated Brits will pick a bone, deconstruct his fallacious arguments and tear him down from his self-constructed castle. But dumb singaporeans will go wow! so cheem! so smart! in deference of him.

Woon takes comfort in placing himself on a pedestal.
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