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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Exit Opps my dear. Prestige. Power. There's nothing sweeter than the opportunity to be made up as a lawmaker, or minister... the very law that you lawyers encircle your livelihoods upon?
Pretty sure anyone who intends to go into politics doesn't do so for exit opps as seen from Shanmugam, Indranee Rajah. Even Edwin Tong. The reason to go into politics in Singapore is not as "prestigious" as other nations, though we do have the highest pay for public officials in office. Aside from that, you lose out a lot on freedom and your family will also lose their freedom to get that "prestige". More likely, they enter politics as a calling and not for money per se

You don't see people from international firms striving to go into public office because of their fat checks lol. Why would you move out of your current equivalent (or more) salary to lose your freedom and take on more onerous duties and subject to public scrutiny?
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