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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The tentacles of the opposition are more entrenched than you realise.

Singapore's educational institutions and establishment insiders, are playing both sides.

These insiders cannot defect to the other side openly, so they are subtly hinting to the opposition what positions to take for their subsequent maneuvers.

Tommy Koh himself is partaking in these so-called divisive racial politics.

These insiders may not "tear relentlessly at fault lines" like the extreme ones, but they do... tear subtly and perniciously at fault lines.

Oh, innocent baby, it's not just Tommy. There's another, WALTER WOON.

AG for merely 2 years, lover of ruffling feathers. Doesn't dare to oppose openly so hides behind Suet Fern's clout by representing her.

Purposely throws out muddying statements on govt stances he takes issue with, causing the G to have to make clarifications to correct and overrule him. If he goes too far or gets cornered, he becomes as bendable as piece of straw, will autocorrect and say "kidding", "was being facetious".

WW: In November 1990, Woon appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment No. 3) Bill (Bill No. 23/90) to make representations on the proposed introduction of an elected President for Singapore. He took the view that since the elected president should be politically neutral, Cabinet members should only be eligible to stand for election five years after leaving politics

G: Halimah Yacob; became president immediately

WW: July 1991 in an interview by The Straits Times Woon commented: "We effectively don't have a Constitution. We have a law that can be easily changed by Parliament, and by the party in power because the party is Parliament. The changes themselves might not be controversial, but it is unsettling how flexible the Constitution is, unlike, say, in the United States."

G: In reply, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong pointed out that past changes to the Constitution had been made only with a two-thirds parliamentary majority and not done lightheartedly, as the intensive discussions and the two-year gestation period of the Elected President Bill proved. He affirmed that the Constitution had to evolve to reflect the changing needs of the people, and that it could not be assumed that the Constitution, drafted in 1965, would be the best Constitution for always and should be frozen in time. "So to say that because the Government in power changes the Constitution there is no Constitution is ridiculous, to put it mildly."

WW: Woon has said that 377A sets a “dangerous precedent” whereby the political authorities are informing the PP – who is supposed to be independent – not to enforce some laws.

G: AG Lucien Wong said WW may have given "an inaccurate impression", Attorney-General Lucien Wong sustains that prosecutorial discretion regarding Section 377A has not changed from V.K. Rajah’s time as AG.
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