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You don't know what you don't know. A well trained fp has mastery of the consult and can do a lot in 15 minutes. Usually this is the fp who while preparing for the clinical really really learn how to handle the complex consult. Fcfp level even more complex. They throw pages of discharge summary at u to figure out what to do in 10 minutes.
A while ago I had a gdfm colleague saying nia, what's so difficult, like gdfm , so he went to do.
Till date , mcq 2nd time already haven't pass. I arm chio always.

I've seen gdfm fp give nitrofurantoin for male UTI, some more that fellow has ckd.
Wrong on so many levels. My resident do that...I will really slap them.
Lots of gdfmers also cannot manage diabetes well. To them it's about upping oral med till cannot , recommend insulin, patient reject , case close. Even simple things like checking when patient take glipizdr they also dunno. Diet history also dun take. Many a times I dun even increase oah dose but just changing the medication administration timing, hba1c improve liao. My resident come to me without checking diet and how meds are taken I will really lecture them
26 year old boy BP 160/80, to start amlodipine for hypertension and arrange hypertensive panel 2 months later. Turn out patiet had lupus nephritis, egfr 15 nia. Like hellow...use some brains can or not. Not all hypertension is essential hypertension lei.
But if you don't allow gdfmers to practice independently,
1) what's the gdfm for then? (Who will still take it?)
2) most gps outside would close down. Which means that everything will be on ops, and the mmeder gps outside. Do you think they can handle the load of sg population? (From the recent covid pandemic, looks difficult

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