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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Everyone want cheap , want good , want fast. Where got? only paper talk time got.
Yes, import doctors from overseas lo.
They come initially very gilat. But as with all humans, after a while do the minimum.
Esp when u pressure them.
each patient 10 minutes
- have to find out reason for encounter. Sometimes many many reasons. Other times reason not clear.
- examine
- explain results
- explain management
- answer every other by the way questions
- order medication request
- arrange next TCU / blood test
- type notes

all in 10 minutes. 45 times a day.
while some patients really can finish in 10 minutes, a lot cannot
some cases super complex, other times patient also need time to digest what you are telling them.

End up lower skillset doctors cope by chin chye do
' decline titiration, cont meds, see 3/12 with bloods'

leaving it to the next doctor to stare at a Hba1c of 10%, HB 10, rotting foot wound and depression.
healthier SG?
pls la, equip the workforce with the ability to do their job first.
Fire all the useless RPs from whatever 3rd world countries.
Give each properly trained level FP 15 minutes each patient and let the patient seen the same doctor most of the time.

other countries FP is all 3 years training. GP in australia and UK is the FP in singapore. Singapore GP is just a MO level doctor in other countries, they are not even allow to practice independently.
But if you don't allow gdfmers to practice independently,
1) what's the gdfm for then? (Who will still take it?)
2) most gps outside would close down. Which means that everything will be on ops, and the mmeder gps outside. Do you think they can handle the load of sg population? (From the recent covid pandemic, looks difficult)

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