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Cannot say like that la.
Still need to do your job to control the chronic disease
Patient don't want to listen is one thing (imho, it's usually a lack of trying. I usually
Convince them to start diabetes or statin.
U dun try very hard no one can blame you, but end of the day
Some altruism is needed.
Dun be like my rps, every one is con med, tcu 3 months
Im in public. But my patients number are restricted due to specialty clinic.
I feel lucky to able to spend good 20-25min per patient.
I can really optimize my arb/statin/sglt2i dose
Even glp1 is available to me
I start my long acting insulin in quite a number of patients
I have good nursing support.
I even can counsel patients on diet, teach them saturated fat and read food product label

I asked them open their handphone app to show me the steps they taking teach day
And keep on drilling them the three pronged approach


I worked in polyclinic before as a baby MO.
And locum quite extensively in my early days
Impossible to do above.
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