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All engineering/physics/watever science trained guys who wants to go into banking are all salary driven. Given engineering is such a loser (salary wise) job.

Everyone at the investment bank knows why you applied for the ops job. Firstly is the salary, secondly is you think that it is a stepping stone to a front office job. Sadly, 1 out of 50 make it to the front. Even financial engineering graduates from IT, ops or watever function do not make it to trading/sales eventually. Yes, u can be a quant or risk.. but thats the end.

So the interviewer at the bank will be dubious when u say oh I love banking yadah yadah. its all bullshit to them. just be frank.. and say something like, I think my technical skills can be more value add to the bank and to my own wealth creation.

be practical and people will not doubt your intentions. thats how u get employed, for a start.
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