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trick - u join 1st yr no bonus or cvb not even prorate
but hr tell u its same as gov cos prob nvr join gov b4. then u join n ur hr leave n
u wonder y... 2nd yr prorate n by then u feel like leaving but must don to get full yr to break even n must wait jul/aug for past yr of hard work. ur frd ask u join cos referall fee is high but if u despo high base... then choice is on u. mebbe u feel worthless by then.. but if u clise an eye to everything nasty.. mebbe u can live longer here cos flexi hybrid n ppl dun really care unless ur higher ups is kpi driven.

grads no exp wan roses.. gd luck. its a stepping stone cos amazon, grab, goggle, apple dun wan u.. u not cream la creme
must read employment contract and employee handbook carefully b4 joining to understand the bonus and cvb payments, time of payment, when they will clawback etc. even their long service award cheat people... the award is given only at a certain time of the year. if you are eligible for it but so happen you tender before that time of the year, they tell you that you are not eligible. ridiculous penny pinching mentality.

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