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Originally Posted by valle27 View Post
Hi all,

Would need some advice on whether I should take up the offer by one of the leading institutions in SG.

Im currently working as a Corporate Communications Exec in a semi-govt sector drawing about 2700 per month. Been working for this co for 2.5 years already and bonus has so far been good. Including AWS, its about 3.2 months in total. Working hours is pretty fixed, hardly any OTs. But the cons is there are too much back-stabbing in the office and career prospect is slim (the co has only 13 headcount).

I am now offered a job as a Snr Exec and the pay they offering me is 3100 per month. However, this job does not include AWS (i.e. 13th month) and understanding from people who work or have worked there before (from forums), the bonus are so-so only. Job scope wise would be pretty similar from what i'm currently doing too. Working hours are slightly longer (not that i mind). The pro is it is a big company albeit working in a small department.

i'm not in a dilemma as after working out the annual package, the package from both co are pretty much similar. i hope to hear some advice from people here since you might be more experienced than i am. Thanks in advance!
Well, there's a possibility that the new place (non-government?) may not have as much office politics. You should give it a shot if this is your only offer currently. 2.5 years in a job is already longer than average.

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