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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
applied and got interviewed at two SBs.

SB under health:
got back to me 2 days after application.
first and only interview was 1 week after.
then clearance, referee checks, etc., and got the offer 2.5 weeks after.
rejected as base pay was a 15% decrease and overall annual only 4% increase.

SB under CI:
referral. think it was about 3 weeks after that i got the first interview.
second interview was 1.5 weeks after.
got verbal offer 2 days after interview but pending approval and referee checks etc.
they say can match my base pay now so quite good with the extra bonuses. but first SB (above) also initially said they could match my base pay then end up lowball. so idk
Congrats to you!! Referrals do play a large part in speeding up the interviews and approval processes

What does CI stand for? MCI?
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