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How do people think healthier sg will affect private gps, from a business and revenue point of view?

From a govt budget and overall cost to society of gdp spending point of view it would be better to cap how much drs earn. Pay too much then costs are too high. It is a burden.

At the same time we want good quality care. Non procedural work is actually something that migjt not require such intense training and high remuneration.

Is having pte GPs earning more money good for society? I dont think so. Good for the GP. Not good for patients and society and MOH. Cos MOH will have to compete with them for the drs. Unless they find alternatives like proper NPs. Not they ones we have currently but sending some senior nurses on HMDP equivalent to US UK Oz Canada to train with NPs. Come back and develop proper NP program.

Another new category is Physician Assistants. Many come from the Military. They are senior medics that work closely with the MO. See soldiers and diagnose and investigate and prescribe. MO signs off. Post military they work in civilian. Function like drs but paid less.

Is probably about the cost of hiring those FTs from India. Or less.
Something to consider.

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