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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why u even bother to reply to trolls
Physician assistant is a USA concept.
He is just internet troll.

Nurses can't la.
The np in my clinic cannot make it one lei.
One simple chronic case they write pages and pages because they scared and need documentation for protection.
One morning hardly can see 10 case. Anything outside still need to ask senior doctor in queue and it could things as simple as a keratokantoma.

They can't tank a chronic queue.
And salary not cheap hor. Most of them anc level liao , salary is mo level.
I rather have a mo rather than a np.

They are there simply because some genius make the mistake of calling nurse a low skill workforce
Now got to map out higher level of work for them.
Much like duxton was built becuase lky and family was caught buying condo on discount.

Imho nurse do what nurses have to do. Sub speciality will be like wound care, ICU nursing, surgical assistant etc. No need train them to become mini doctors...becuase not here not there.
Pay them well. No one cares what u call them.
Agreed no point to hire the APN or NCS in polyclinic. They earn Rp salary but cannot clear queue. I agree that hiring a MOPEX or RP is better. They cannot handle own q , need to discuss every case and transfer out at least 50% of their cases as they cant handle the " by the way... " questions and add to my acute cases q. It is not efficient at all. No amount of training will do
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