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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Fake news as I’m in corp tax myself at PWC.
No way EY is number 1. Slave driver and OT culture is so ingrained over there.
Which firm are you from?

See revised list below:

1. PWC - best culture hands down.
2. KPMG - best pay and learning environment.
3. Deloitte - strong brand with supportive mentors.
4. EY - slave driver and sees OT as the norm.
I am from Deloitte and can say with 100% certainty, Deloitte’s corp tax is not as strong as the others. I am not talking about work life balance/mentor culture. I am talking about their clients and portfolio.EY has the biggest clients.

And please, even if talking about culture, Deloitte does not have supportive mentors. It is every man for themselves here. In a meeting with SM and AM, the AM will gladly throw you under the bus if it means he doesn’t get scolded by the SM.

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