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[kQUOTE=Unregistered;231858]He is right bro.heard alot complains for fresh graduate.. quite alot goes gov project which is budget[/QUOTE]

This is not true, govt project are not budget and not all private sector projects have budget. Projects with most budget are large projects, with big headcount. Itís very easy to tell, for example govt project such as I*** have funds, know peers inside who have free snacks every week, you get a cupcake and card on your birthday, can claim meals, gatherings etc. but itís true that govt projects have the most demanding clients, if youíve been on both govt and private sector projects, you can tell the vast difference. Thatís why not everyone enjoy govt project as it can be really stressful. Of course we do have a few projects that are of a smaller scale and may have less funds and less headcount, these projects are across all industry be it government or private sector.
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